LG 4800W Hi-Fi Entertainment System with Bluetooth(R) Connectivity


SKU: CM9960
Brand: LG



With 4800 cranking watts, the party starts with this mighty LG entertainment system. Turn up the volume and brace yourself for an earth-shaking audio experience down to the deepest bass.

Party Thruster

Build up the energy with the Party Thruster controller. Simply slide the throttle forward and hear the party build up until you hit maximum party at which time the system booms and the lights go crazy.

Karaoke Creator

Suppress the vocal frequencies of a song, to turn any track into a Karaoke track. Then change the key of the vocals to better suit the range of the singer, to help anyone sound like a star.


The Crossfader feature allows you to DJ by mixing songs seamlessly from one to another from two different audio sources. Now when friends get together, you're the DJ and the jam never has to stop.

Dance Lighting

Music and lighting go together at a party. This system has a variety of effects, including a feature that lets the light pulse to the beat of the music so the room can see and feel the rhythm.

Effects Creator

Now DJs' only limits are their imagination! Record effects on a smartphone and easily sync them via Bluetooth to the sound system to throw down fresh new beats. It's music creativity unleashed.

Shared Jukebox

Up to three different people can connect via Bluetooth and build a playlist on the fly, without ever interrupting the party. Pick any available song, then just add it to the list.


Wirelessly stream music directly from your Smartphone or other compatible device for a seamless listening experience.

USB 2.0

The USB 2.0 port here allows you to quickly, easily connect a digital storage device and share all your digital media. Just plug it in and use your remote control to navigate through your files.

  • 4800 Watts
  • Party Thruster
  • Karaoke Creator
  • Dance Lighting

Section Title: AMPLIFIER
Total Output Power: 4800W
Section Title: CONVENIENCE
Bluetooth Remote App: Yes
USB Direct Recording: Yes
Dance Lighting: Yes
Party Thruster: Yes
DJ Sharing: Yes
Multipoint: Yes
CD: Yes
Tuner: Yes
AUX1: Yes
AUX2: Yes
USB1: Yes
USB2: Yes
Portable In: Yes
Bluetooth: Yes
Section Title: SPEAKER
Front Speaker System: 2 Way
Front Speaker Tweeter Unit: 2.5" Tweeter
Front Woofer Unit: 8"
Rear Speaker System: 1 Way
Rear Woofer Unit: 1 Way
Subwoofer System: 1 Way
Subwoofer Unit: 15"
Headphone jack: Yes
Audio Line Out: Yes
USB 1: Yes
USB 2: Yes
Portable in: Yes
AUX In (L/R): Yes (2)
Speaker Out: System Jack
FM Radio Antenna: Yes
Karaoke Function: Yes
Section Title: SOUND
EQ: Standard, Pop, Classic, Rock, Jazz, Auto, Bass Blast, Football
Juke Box: Yes
DJ Effect: Yes
Cross Fader: Yes
Tempo: Yes
Auto Sync: Yes
DJ Pro: Yes
Auto DJ: Yes
Section Title: TUNER
Type: PLL
Band: FM/AM
FM Tuning Range (50kHz/100kHZ): 87.5 - 108.0 MHz
Memory/Erase: Yes
Clock/Time/Sleep/Set: Yes
Number of Discs: 1
Loading Type: Tray
Playable Disc Types: Audio CD, MP3, WMA CD, CD-R, CD-RW
Playable File Formats: MP3, WMA
Section Title: POWER
Standby Mode: Less than 0.5W
Remote Control: Yes
FM Antenna: Yes
Size (W x H x D) Main: 18.5" x 9.4" x 16.5"
Size (W x H x D) Speaker 1: 20" x 27.9" x 18.5"
Size (W x H x D) Speaker 2: 20" x 27.9" x 18.5"
Net Weight Main: 16.9 lbs
Net Weight Speaker 1: 66.6 lbs
Net Weight Speaker 2: 66.6 lbs
Shipping Size (W x H x D) Main Box: 22.1" x 10.6" x 21.7"
Shipping Size (W x H x D) Speaker Box: 41.8" x 31.3" x 22.6"
Shipping Weight Main Box: 22.7 lbs
Shipping Weight Speaker Box: 146.6 lbs
Section Title: WARRANTY / UPC
Limited Warranty: 1 Year Parts & Labor
UPC: 719192604957